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HighMark Franchising helps Franchisors with: Empowering franchise owners to build a local network of clients and strategic partners by providing them specific solutions and methods to execute grassroots local activities. 

Shifting focus from “what is corporate doing for me to get more business” to a self-sustaining model. 

Helping Corporate provide impactful strategies and ultimately increase the value of support that franchise owners appreciate. 

Providing franchise owners methods, skills and strategies that can help them effectively generate opportunities and CLOSE business on their own without a large advertising budget while remaining within the company’s branding and service guidelines. 

No Magic Dust...
A Customized Program to Fit Your Company

Franchisee satisfaction is a critical ingredient to the overall success of any franchise system. As franchise owners mature in their business they expect to continue to receive value for their ongoing fees.   They want to be profitable, have a competitive edge in their market and effective communication with the franchisor to maintain trust and their cooperative spirit.

At HighMark Franchising our mission is to help franchisors improve their franchisee relationships by providing value in areas that will most impact their franchise system. Our core blend of services concentrates on lead generation/customer acquisition strategies, marketing, sales skills and strategies, and strategic partnership development.

We are not your generic selling skill seminar providers. We bring the details, coaching and training expertise coupled with the understanding of your business fused  into a program that over time will transform your franchisees into self supporting business developers who have a plan of how to grow and sustain their businesses.

Sounds too good to be true? This is not magic dust, but a way to build lasting self-reliance.

Listen to what our clients have to say. Better yet, know that every single one of our clients has continued to work with us after a 3 or 4 month trial period. Every one!

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