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Company Overview

There are literally thousands of franchise companies across the globe today.   And though franchising allows someone with a great business idea to see it flourish on a grander scale, it can be a challenging business model to both see a maximization in profits and to leverage efficiency in operations.   A key part of a franchise’s success is also maintaining value for, and keeping one’s franchisees excited about the business. 

Often breakdowns occur as the company looks to stretch itself to more locations, increase profit-margins, and still supply adequate support for its existing units.  That’s the reason we decided as a group of franchise experts to come together and help offer solutions – so that more franchises can find that ideal balance.  It’s what inspired us to form HighMark Franchising. 

We’re not about solely selling more units, nor providing flashy marketing materials.   Our collaborative force raises the health of franchises that are determined to elevate their overall business concept.  We are there to help your organization increase performance, keep your franchisees energized about the opportunity they’ve ignited, and to raise efficiency in daily operations within your company.   Bringing your company the ‘HighMark-etability’ it deserves.       


What Makes HMF Different

What makes HighMark Franchising so unique in the world of franchise consulting?

First and foremost, we are not traditional consultants who offer advice and suggestions. We get our hands dirty and dive right in. We are “implementors” and will become an integral part of your corporate staff. We help alleviate the stress and responsibility of managing every part of your business concept alone. We will work side-by-side with you.

The vast majority of franchise consulting companies can be described in the following three ways.

Ø  Start-up - Helping developed concepts into new franchise systems.

Ø  Broker – Matchmakers who connect people looking to purchase a franchise with the right franchise concept. Their business is to sell franchises.

Ø  Marketing Agency – Focused primarily on the marketing part of the business.

HighMark Franchising is redefining franchise consulting, by focusing on supporting the day-to-day operations of franchise systems. There are three factors that separate HighMark Franchising from other franchise consulting companies.

1.       We specialize in services that focus on helping existing franchise organizations improve their support services for their franchisees.  

Our bread and butter is working with organizations in day-to-day operations, helping the franchisor’s staff in implementing strategies that will help their franchise owners succeed.  By doing so, Franchisors no longer have to do it all themselves.

 2.       We combine business development, lead generation, sales training and public relation services under one roof. These services are typically offered separately, however we realize in order for a franchise system to achieve maximize performance all of these areas of business must be actively managed and working together. In most cases, these are blended into one support and training program for your franchisees that combines the regular bite-sized training with individual coaching to begin a behavioral change.


For a young franchise concept the early years of development must be  engineered effectively in order for the company to grow healthy and strong. Most franchise concepts have a limited window of opportunity. Either an organization will make an impact in  its respective field or  it slowly starts to fade away. There are many contributing factors to both scenarios. While a franchise cannot control all the factors that enable them to succeed, it is paramount that the factors the organization can control are wielded effectively.


 3.       No matter what company you hire it comes down to the people designated to work alongside your organization and what they can help bring to the table. You want people who can get results.  Assuredly each member of our team has the experience and expertise needed to achieve results in their respective fields. 


We have perfected working together and we understand franchising from both the franchisors and franchisees perspective. We operate with professionalism, firm ethics and deep-rooted respect for your operation.   When you hire us on, you hire our entire team and not simply one consultant.   We undoubtedly can have a very positive impact on your franchise system in a short amount of time and help relieve the pressure on your franchisee support staff.

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