Leads are the lifeblood for any franchise business. Unfortunately, too many franchisees are on life support — daily struggling to turn a profit.

Most franchisors preach to their franchisees that they need to go out and generate local business from networking, chamber meetings, local events, strategic partnerships, and even home shows.

Many franchise owners, excited about owning a new franchise and/or the latest marketing initiatives from the home office, often times jump in with both feet and give it an effort. But when there’s little results, they quickly give up. After several attempts at trying again to grow their business, the lack of results grows increasingly frustrating.

Over time their doubt in the franchisor’s system begins to wane. It’s not uncommon for franchisees to start say or wonder if the franchisor’s system does not work. They may even demand the franchisor solve their business development shortcomings.

Developing leads through grassroots efforts is a crucial part of business development for most local businesses. It is empowers the franchise owner to not only proactively search for business rather than wait for it but it’s also typically significantly less expensive than traditional high-priced advertising. So why do so many companies struggle to deliver results?

HighMark Franchising has developed a comprehensive Local Community Outreach program for small business owners.

We work directly with the franchisees providing:

  • Customized plan (based on your company and product/service)
  • Deliver live training
  • Offer private coaching
  • Coordinate group skill development workshops

All focused on teaching grassroots business development strategies:

  • Where to go
  • How to do it
  • Which tools to use
  • How to measure/gauge your efforts