Programs and Services

We understand there are quite a few moving parts to any evolving franchise system. Since we offer a unique blend of services we maximize performance  by ensuring proper planning and communication between all interconnected parts.

We are realistic about the resources an organization may have and often limited budgets.  Gimmicks won’t work, instead creative solutions and hard work will pay off. Our approach is to listen first, learn and understand how a company operates its business.  Then we create customized plans to address each area while working within the set budget.

The HighMark Business Development Program

Our Typical Business Development Program for Franchisees includes:

Lead Generation/Customer Acquisition 

How do your franchise owners currently acquire new leads?  What’s their acquisition cost and closing ratios? Are there other methods we can implement to help increase and diversify lead generation? We have developed proven strategies to cultivate more leads/customers.

Sales Skills Training 

Are your franchise owners consistently reaching their goals? Are present marketing activities failing to yield strong enough results to grow the business? Are owners getting beat up on established prices? Is the franchisor being blamed for the system not working? We understand, many franchise owners are not experienced sales people and are most likely not using a sales system. We provide group and one-on-one sales training for individual franchise owners.

Individual Coaching 

Training on by itself won't bring results without application. We are expert individual coaches who will win the trust of your franchisee and help him/her put the details into place. We combine hand-holding, cheerleading, tough love, and accountability to transform the franchisee. This single element is the most often missing from the franchisor's training.   

Strategic Partnership Development 

We have developed strategies to help companies work together and cross promote and co-op to reach new clients. Strategic Partnerships can have significant impact with little cost. Knowing how to make the relationship mutually beneficial is key.

Other Areas of Expertise 

New Franchisee Training

Franchise Advisory Council Implementation


National/Regional Conference Assistance


Home/Trade Show Strategies


Localized Public Relations and Social Media Strategies


Franchise Operations, Systems and Management




Solutions and Services