Our HighMark Franchising team has many years of experience helping companies achieve their goals. Franchisors that are talking with us usually have some concerns about their franchisees growing their individual businesses successfully. Some are overwhelmed by the amount of time they spend supporting their franchisees. Others are frustrated by the franchise sales they are losing due to existing franchisee dissatisfaction. Every franchisor we work with has a passion to grow their brand and wants to see their franchisees succeed.

If you believe your business may be facing these concerns then we encourage you to take our two-minute survey.

Franchising Survey

Check the box if you answer "YES" to each question. If you check 2 or more of the following, we may be able to help your organization. Let's schedule a call to discuss how we can help. This survey will remain confidential.


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Franchisor/Support Team


Do you and/or your team always feel you're behind and doing several people's jobs? 

Do you find taking care of your franchisees to be overwhelming at times? 


Do your franchisees constantly place great demands on your time by asking for support? 


Is it a struggle to begin new initiatives because the day-to-day workload always feels overwhelming? 


Franchise Owners 


Are you concerned about how highly your franchisees value their relationship with your company?


Are you worried that franchisees are falling short of consistently reaching their goals? 


Are franchise owners uncertain about the value they're receiving for their ongoing fees? 

Would you like to improve your franchisee satisfaction?


Franchise System Growth


Would you like to not only find new ways for your franchisees to acquire leads but also learn how to close more business?


Are many of your franchise units consistently missing sales goals? Their prospecting activities don't yield enough results to grow business? They feel they are continuously forced to cut prices to close the sale? 


 Would you like to actively engage with your current and potential customers daily by taking full advantage of social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)?


Could your organization benefit from a communications plan for building favorable relations with your franchisees, news media outlets, strategic partners, customers and other key stake holders?


Is your organization losing franchise sales due to existing franchisee comments/dissatisfaction?


Is your team actively searching for new opportunities for your franchise owners to grow their business?


Should we schedule a call to have a conversation about our process and to answer your questions? 

If yes, what time is best for you?